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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993X toolkit intrinsics programming manual : for version 11Nye, Adrian; O'Reilly, Tim
1990X toolkit intrinsics programming manual : for X11, release 4Nye, Adrian; O'Reilly, Tim
1990X toolkit intrinsics programming manual for X version 1.1Nye, Adrian
1990X Toolkit Intrinsics Programming Manual: OSF/Motif 1.1 Edition for X11, Release 4Nye, Adrian; O'Reilly, Tim; O'Reilly & Associates
1990X toolkit intrinsics reference manualO'Reilly & Associates; Langley, Mark
1992X Window system administrator's guide : for X version 11Linda Mui; Eric Pearce
1990X Window System user's guideQuercia, Valerie; O'Reilly, Tim
1993X Window System User's Guide (X Window System Series)Ian Darwin; Valerie Quercia; Tim O’Reilly
1990X Window System user's guide : OSF/Motif editionQuercia, Valerie; O'Reilly, Tim; O'Reilly & Associates
2017X-Machines for Agent-Based ModelingKiran, Mariam
2018X-Ray Contrast Media: Overview, Use and Pharmaceutical AspectsUlrich Speck Free-Electron LaserKiyoshi Ueda (Ed.)
2012X-Ray SpectroscopyShatendra K. Sharma
2019XenakisHarley, James
2012XenotransplantationShuji Miyagawa
2012Xenotropic Murine Leukemia Virus-Related Virus as a Case Study: Using a Precautionary Risk Management Approach for Emerging Blood-Borne Pathogens in CanadaOraby, Tamer; Aspinall, Willy; Wu, Jun; ElSaadany, Susie; Tyshenko, Michael G.; Ganz, Peter R.; Laderoute, Marian; Krewski, Daniel
2013Xiipúktan (First of All)Miller, Amy; Bryant, George
2017Xiipúktan (First of All)Miller, Amy; Bryant, George
2013Xiipúktan (First of All): Three Views of the Origins of the Quechan PeopleBryant, George (Author); Miller, Amy (Author)
2008Xilaian IncidentWIKI user あばさー