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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201821 Effective Cooperation Between Strangers in Unexpected and Dangerous SituationsKjellevold Olsen, Olav
2018Art Unlimited?Schultheis, Franz; Köfeler, Raphaela; Single, Erwin; Mazzurana, Thomas
1976Care Home StoriesChivers, Sally; Kriebernegg, Ulla
2018Cascades of ViolenceBraithwaite, John; D’Costa, Bina
1976Chinese Poetry in Times of Mind, Mayhem and Moneyvan Crevel, M.
2018Comprehending and Confronting AntisemitismLange, Armin; Porat, Dina; Schiffman, Lawrence H.; Mayerhofer, Kerstin
1998Creep: A Life, A Theory, An ApologyAlexander, Jonathan
2018Dealing with the Past in Security Sector ReformMayer-Rieckh, Alexander
2018Dialogue as a Trans-disciplinary ConceptMendes-Flohr, Paul
2018Expressions of Austronesian Thought and EmotionsJ. Fox, James
1987How the World Changed Social MediaMiller, Daniel; Sinanan, Jolynna; Wang, Xinyuan; McDonald, Tom; Haynes, Nell; Costa, Elisabetta; Spyer, Juliano; Venkatraman, Shriram; Nicolescu, Razvan
2018Kill Boxes: Facing the Legacy of US-Sponsored Torture, Indefinite Detention, and Drone WarfareWeber, Elisabeth; Falk, Richard
2018Knowledge Management Strategies and ApplicationsMuhammad Mohiuddin; Norrin Halilem; SM Ahasanul Kobir; Cao Yuliang
2018Models of Political EconomyNurmi, Hannu
2018Multichannel ManagementGruber, Gottfried
2018Muslims in Interwar Europe: A Transcultural Historical PerspectiveSajid, Mehdi; Ryad, Umar; Agai, Bekim
2018New Multicultural Identities in EuropeToguslu, Erkan
2018Pathways to Industrialization and Regional DevelopmentScott, Allen J.; Storper, Michael
1991Perspectives on Risk, Assessment and Management ParadigmsAli G. Hessami
2018Sex After LifeColebrook, Claire