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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20181 How open borders can unlock culturesLeggio, Daniele Viktor; Matras, Yaron
20181 Samhandling Under Risk (SUR)Torgersen, Glenn-Egil
201810 WeltbA?rger Perspectives and SamhandlingSteiro, Trygve J.; Torgersen , Glenn-Egil
201811 The Triad of UncertaintyMalnes, Raino
201812 Social Innovation and CollaborationDrake, Irmelin
201813 Interaction and Risk Management in Shared LeadershipWadel , Carl Cato
201814 Samhandling Under RiskSteiro, Tryge. J.; Torgersen, Glenn-Egil
201815 Competence for the UnforeseenHerberg, Marius; Torgersen, Glenn-Egil; Rundmo, Torbjørn
201816 Military SamhandlingHeier, Tormod
201817 Samhandling and Trust in Military Leadership StructuresBergh , Johan; Boe, Ole
201818 Didactics and Innovation in Collaboration for the Unforeseen in Training Practice PreparationMagnussen, Leif
201819 Samhandling During Crisis WorkCarlström, Eric
20182 Defining the Term SamhandlingTorgersen, Glenn-Egil; Steiro, Trygve
201820 The Relationship Between Stress and SamhandlingBoe, Ole
201821 Effective Cooperation Between Strangers in Unexpected and Dangerous SituationsKjellevold Olsen, Olav
201822 Learning from SportsSteiro, Trygve J.; Saksvik, Per Øystein
201823 Care Coordination, Samhandling and Patient SafetyStorm , Marianne; Wiig, Siri
201824 Working Together in the Aftermath of an Unforeseen EventHalvorsen, Kjersti; Rivenes, Ann Christin
201825 Military Strategies for Samhandling in Unforeseen SituationsKrabberA﹐d, Tommy; Jacobsen, Jan O.
201826 Interaction in Aerial WarfareFredriksen , Pål Kristian