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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Control of Visceral Leishmaniasis by Immunotherapeutic and Prophylactic StrategiesNahid Ali; Hira L Nakhasi; Jesus G Valenzuela; Alexandre Barbosa Reis
2019Current Progress and Challenges in the Development of a Hepatitis C Virus VaccineSteven K.H. Foung; Thomas F. Baumert
2017Filamentous Bacteriophage in Bio/Nano/Technology, Bacterial Pathogenesis and EcologyJasna Rakonjac; Bhabatosh Das; Ratmir Derda
2017HSPs - Ambiguous Mediators of ImmunityStuart Keith Calderwood; Ayesha Murshid; Thiago J. Borges
2015Immune responses to AAV vectors, from bench to bedsideFederico Mingozzi; Hildegard Buning; Etiena Basner Tschakarjan; Anne Galy
2016Influenza Virus Vaccines and ImmunotherapiesArun Kumar; Shakti Singh
2015Mysteries of Type I IFN response: benefits versus detrimentsArno Mullbacher; Yoichi Furuya; Herbert Patrick Ludewick
2018Reassessing Twenty Years of Vaccine Development Against TuberculosisUlrich E. Schaible; Stefan H. Kaufmann
2018The Neonatal Immune System: A Unique Host-Microbial InterfaceJoseph M. Bliss; James L. Wynn
2015The Schistosomiasis Vaccine - It Is Time to Stand UpRashika El Ridi; Ahmad Ali Othman; Donald McManus
2015Vaccination Against Mycobacterial Diseases in AnimalsJohn P. Bannantine; Adel M. Talaat
2018Veterinary Bacterial ZoonosesJiabo Ding; Menachem Banai; Shengqing Yu; Xin Ting
2016Why vaccines to HIV, HCV and Malaria have so far failed - Challenges to developing vaccines against immunoregulating pathogensShuo Li; Magdalena Plebanski; Peter Smooker; Eric J. Gowans