Browsing by Subject UAV automatic landing; monocular visual SLAM; autonomous landing area selection; aerial infrared imagery; real-time ground vehicle detection; convolutional neural network; unmanned aerial vehicle; quadrotor; slung load; disturbance; harmonic extended state observer; quadrotor; super twisting extended state observer (STESO); super twisting sliding mode controller (STSMC); wind disturbance; actuator faults; agricultural UAV; multi-UAV system; distributed swarm control; performance evaluation; remote sensing; over-the-horizon air confrontation; maneuver decision; Q-Network; heuristic exploration; reinforcement learning; UAV communication system; data link; SC-FDM; peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR); modulation; quadrotor; ADRC; fixed-time extended state observer (FTESO); high-order sliding mode; wind disturbance; actuator fault; mass eccentricity; UAS; aircraft maintenance; General Visual Inspection; sensor fusion; image processing; flight mechanics; coaxial-rotor; UAV; aircraft; longitudinal motion model; decoupling algorithm; sliding mode control; UAV; bio-inspiration; autonomous control; horizontal control; vertical control; tilt rotors; nonlinear dynamics; simulation; hardware-in-the-loop; vertical take off; UAV; path planning; adaptive discrete mesh; octree; n/a

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2019Autonomous Control of Unmanned Aerial VehiclesBecerra, Victor