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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s) Hard Peace? Allied Preparations for the Occupation of Germany, 1943A¢a??a€?1945Reinisch, Jessica, Jessica, Jessica and GermansReinisch, Jessica¢a??E?Now, back to our VirchowA¢a??a?¢: German Medical and Political Traditions in Post-war BerlinReinisch, Jessica, Jessica we distinguish the sheep from the wolves? : AmigrA?s, Allies, and the Reconstruction of GermanyReinisch, Jessica and Confrontations, 1945A¢a??a€?1949Reinisch, Jessica, Jessica Health Work in the American Occupation ZoneReinisch, Jessica Health Work in the British Occupation ZoneReinisch, Jessica Health Work in the Soviet Occupation ZoneReinisch, Jessica ConclusionsReinisch, Jessica Forgotten Zone: Public Health Work in the French Occupation ZoneReinisch, Jessica Perils of PeaceReinisch, Jessica