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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s) Who should decide for critically ill neonates and how?Wilkinson, Dominic History of Male Psychological Disorders in Britain, 1945a€“1980Haggett, Ali History of Self-Harm in BritainMillard, Chris, Aya; Worboys, Michael, Chris, Ali, Aya; Worboys, Michael Aging and Disease ManagementHelena CanhA£o; Jaime C. Branco; Giuseppe Liotta, Ali, Aya; Worboys, Michael¢a??a?¢s FootHomei, Aya; Worboys, Michael, Chris, Ali, Aya; Worboys, Michael, Aya; Worboys, Michael 2 Trouble with a€?Statusa€?Wall, Rosemary; Rafferty, Anne Marie 5 Alchemy, potency, imaginationHedesan, Georgiana D. 9 Mitochondria Structure and Position in the Local Control of Calcium Signals in Smooth Muscle CellsMcCarron, John G.; Saunter, Christopher; Wilson, Calum; Girkin, John M.; Chalmers, Susan Trials in Ovarian CancerWalsh, Christine Self-Harm: War, NHS and Social WorkMillard, Chris