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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Are Rodent Models Fit for Investigation of Human Obesity and Related Diseases?Patrick C. Even; Sam Virtue; Nicholas M. Morton; Gilles Fromentin; Robert K. Semple
2015Attachment Assessment in treatments, prevention and intervention programsSilvia Salcuni
2017Berry Antioxidants in Health and DiseaseDorothy Klimis-Zacas (Ed.)
2018Chocolate and Health: Friend or Foe?Mauro Serafini; Emilio Jirillo
2015Food cravingsAdrian Meule; Boris C. Rodriguez-Martin
2018Handbook of Life Course Health DevelopmentNeal Halfon; Christopher B. Forrest; Richard M. Lerner; Elaine M. Faustman
2017Impact of Diet on Learning, Memory and CognitionAmy Claire Reichelt; Margaret J. Morris; R. Fred Westbrook
2016Molecular Regulation and Therapeutic Potential of Thermogenic Fat CellsJun Wu
2015Neuroendocrine mechanisms that connect feeding behavior and stressAlfonso Abizaid; Zane Andrews
2015Neuroinflammation and BehaviourLuba Sominsky; Adam K. Walker; Deborah M. Hodgson
2015Neurological and psychiatric disorders in endocrine diseasesGianluca Tamagno; Jacques Epelbaum
2016New Translational Insights on Metabolic Syndrome: Obesity, Hypertension, Diabetes and BeyondCamille M. Balarini; Valdir A. Braga
2016Obesity and Diabetes: Energy Regulation by Free Fatty Acid ReceptorsIkuo Kimura; Atsuhiko Ichimura
2016Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Health and Disease-
2015The metabolic challenges of immune cells in health and diseaseClaudio Mauro; Christian Frezza
2018The Parallel March of Asthma and Allergy in Childhood: A Multi-Perspective ApproachLuis Garcia-Marcos; Carlo Caffarelli; Kostas N. Priftis
2016The two-way link between eating behavior and brain metabolismTanya Zilberter