Title: Musical Signal Processing with LabVIEW -- Tremolo and Vibrato Effects (Low-Frequency Modulation)
Authors: Ed Doering
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Rice University
Abstract: Tremolo and vibrato add interest to the sound of musical instruments and the singing voice. Tremolo is a low-frequency variation in amplitude, while vibrato is a low-frequency variation in frequency. Learn how to model each of these effects mathematically, and discover how to implement these effects in LabVIEW. This course is part of the series "Musical Signal Processing with LabVIEW".
link: http://cnx.org/contents/b1c95e2d-edce-4d82-ab14-06ae7361b424@1.2/Musical_Signal_Processing_with
Keywords: Science and Technology;LabVIEW;tremolo;vibrato

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