Title: SubVI Specifications for "Communication Systems Projects with LabVIEW"
Authors: Ed Doering
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Rice University
Abstract: "Communication Systems Projects with LabVIEW" features ten projects that draw upon a library of over 40 subVIs constructed as part of the project activities. Each module in this manual completely describes the input/output requirements as well as the required behavior of a subVI. In addition, each module features a narrated screencast video of the LabVIEW program in action to demonstrate relevant coding techniques to successfully build and test the subVI. Use the Connexions "Table of Contents" viewer to quickly browse for subVIs of interest. Download the manual as a single PDF document (see "Content Actions") as a convenient way to access all modules in a single file; the PDF includes an index.
link: https://cnx.org/contents/40cee101-5703-4d53-abc1-1c65407d05fd@2.1/SubVI_Specifications_for_%22Comm
Keywords: Science and Technology

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