Title: Wavelet Analysis of Crude Oil Futures
Authors: Ian Akash Morrison
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Rice University
Abstract: An exploratory project investigating "financial engineering" from the perspective of electrical engineers. This approach focuses on signal-processing methods applied to time series analysis of crude oil futures (daily closing prices from 1986 to 2011).
link: https://cnx.org/contents/2df1b1f9-cd38-4ef1-92fa-a56705aabab0@1.1/Wavelet_Analysis_of_Crude_Oil_
Keywords: Business;Science and Technology;Social Sciences;Commodities;Commodity;Commodity Future;Commodity Futures;Computational Finance;Crude;Crude Oil;Crude Oil Futures;Finance;Financial;Financial Engineering;Futures;Oil;Wavele;tWavelet Analysis;Wavelets

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