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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015U. S. HistoryP. Scott Corbett; Volker Janssen; John Lund; Todd Pfannestiel; Paul Vickery; Sylvie Waskiewic
2015U.S. HistoryOpenStax College
2015U.S. Monetary Policy: An IntroductionFederal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
2006U.S. Relations with Latin America during the Clinton Years: Opportunities Lost or Opportunities Squandered?Palmer, David Scott
2011Ubiquitous ComputingEduard Babkin
2008Uchida KakitsuWIKI user 白拍子花子
2016Ukrainian Migration to the European Union: Lessons from Migration StudiesOlena Fedyuk; Marta Kindler
2008UkrzyżowanieWikimedia commons: adamt
2011Ulcerative Colitis - Epidemiology, Pathogenesis and ComplicationsMortimer B. O'Connor
2011Ulcerative Colitis - Treatments, Special Populations and the FutureMortimer O'Connor
2012Ulcerative Colitis from Genetics to ComplicationsMustafa M. Shennak
2012Ultra Wideband - Current Status and Future TrendsMohammad Abdul Matin
2011Ultra Wideband Communications: Novel Trends - Antennas and PropagationMohammad Matin
2011Ultra Wideband Communications: Novel Trends - System, Architecture and ImplementationMohammad Matin
2013Ultra-Wideband Radio Technologies for Communications, Localization and Sensor ApplicationsReiner Thomä, Reinhard H. Knöchel, Jürgen Sachs, Ingolf Willms and Thomas Zwick
2012Ultrasonic WavesAuteliano Antunes dos Santos Júnior
2011Ultrasound ImagingMasayuki Tanabe
2011Ultrasound Imaging - Medical ApplicationsIgor V. Minin and Oleg V. Minin