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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20081865-1893:Export Destination for Taiwan's CamphorChengchi University Chuang, Yih-Chyi
20081867-1895: Re-exports via Takao and DanshuiChengchi University Chuang, Yih-Chyi
20081868-1895 : Export Share of Taiwan's Tea,Rice,Sugar,Coal,CamphorChengchi University Chuang, Yih-Chyi
20081868-1895: Foreign and Chinese Consumption Goods ImportsChengchi University Chuang, Yih-Chyi
20081873-1891: Share of Taiwan's Oolong Tea re-exporting via Xiamen and Hong KongChengchi University Chuang, Yih-Chyi
200819 世紀的照相機林國芳
20081900 年以來全球大地震宋聖榮
20081900 年以來全球大地震宋聖榮
20081903-1942: Lending to Rice, Sugar and TeaChengchi University Chuang, Yih-Chyi
20081906 年的舊金山大地震宋聖榮
20081906 至 1947 年臺灣茶葉分類產量NCCU & NTU Faculties 政大&台大教師群
20081906至1947年臺灣茶葉分類產量NTU, Kai-Shien Chen
20081910-1951: Gross Domestic Product by IndustryChengchi University Chuang, Yih-Chyi
20081911日本地圖包括臺灣J.G. Bartholomew. J.M. Dent and Sons, Ltd. 1912
20141914: Austria-Hungary, the Origins, and the First Year of World War IBischof ,Gunter; Karlhofe ,Ferdinand; Williamson, Jr. R. ,Samuel (Guest Editor)
20081918 年歐洲地圖劉柏宏
20081929: Sources of Industrial Capital for Limited Company (株式會社)Chengchi University Chuang, Yih-Chyi
20081931 年的上海女學生梅家玲